Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Do you want the truth or something beautiful?

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Thought you may like to read about my little venture to see
Paloma Faith in concert!

(n.b. I do not own or claim any rights to this image. All rights to Paloma Faith)

I went with my best friend Michaela, who is fabulous, as a birthday present for her (even though both out birthdays are in July...)

(Us at the St. Patrick's Day Parade...trendsetting with the hats-obviously!)

And then us acting perfectly normal after we got back from the gig

Off we trotted to see the quirky and cool *Paloma Faith* and got a nice surprise to see Eliza Doolittle as a supporting act!

Paloma was F A B U L O U S !

Her style, her voice, her personality - she was really funny, and even though she has a crazy, 'away with the fairies' look about her, she was really..normal! 

She rocked some HUGE blue sparkly platforms with lavish headwear galore!
I didn't take my camera as to not lose it - we were standing in about the second row..the audience was pretty varied...with a rather...erm, curvy, bald man belting lyrics behind us ;)

(again, I do not own this image. All rights to the makers of 'the simpsons' :)

If you haven't heard her music then, check out this video below (which I claim no right to - all rights to Paloma Faith)

She'll be back with a second album, and we got a taster which included a song about her and her cellulite which I thought was brilliant.
She introduced it saying that when an artist comes back with a second album, they either get dropped or they come back anorexic and then she added something like "Well, I've put on weight!" and burst into song about haring diets and the gym -- something a lot of people can relate to, I'm sure!

What music are you ladies loving?
Have a gorgeous day/night,

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