Friday, 27 July 2012



This is the best place to go if you wanna sleep all day and party all night! 
(or better yet, party 24/7!!)

...or sleep on the beach ;)

Home to the famous BCM, which is the 7th best club in the world and throws the best popcorn, water and foam parties in its Millenium bar (bubble baths just don't compare!)
2 floors, laser light art shows, a 65000W sound system make an unforgettable clubbing experience.

Just a couple of hours after coming home I had my Maga playlist sorted on itunes and was searching flights to go back!! Been wearing my BCM t-shirts and have kept all the tickets in a box for memories' sake...Nearly suffocated in Calvin Harris crowds....nearly drowned in foam....Maga is MENTAL but in the best way possible - if you're not crazy for clubbing, you will be once you spend a few hours in Magaluf! I'm mad for Mallorca!
...Also got away with wearing very little clothing and had no questions asked when dressed up as a mouse and other creatures...pretty sure back home we wouldn't get away with this!

Mad music, wonderful weather, delicious drinks and party people!!! 

Local clubs do NOT compare to the likes of Magaluf, you HAVE to check out the deals over at easyjet: and the Mallorca Clubbing page too:
You could enter to win a week's stay in Maga with a friend or me, it's WORTH IT!
Picture yourself in a few weeks...would you rather be looking at something like THIS:
...oooor THIS:

Yeah, I thought so get clicking!

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