Monday, 24 September 2012

Easyjet Mallorca Clubbing Competition Win

It's crazy that nearly a month has gone since I jetted off to Magaluf for the second time this year...
It all started when I saw a facebook announcement on the BCM page that easyJet Holidays were hosting a competition to return to Mallorca...imagine my disbelief and elation when I got this email:

I chose to share this amazing prize with my best friend Michaela as end of school, pre-separation holiday of a lifetime!

We arrived at the Marina Barracuda hotel after a very long coach trip with the Resort Hoppa service (but at least we got a little tour of Magaluf on the way) and found out we had all inclusive! Sorted for the week, we set off to get ready for our first night out.

After presenting the confirmation letter and making friends with the guys at the door (Manuel pictured above), we were let into the VIP bar, where we met with the one and only Pimp Gee (Gordon Philips, owner of BCM) who allowed us free drinks from the VIP bar and introduced us to Nicola (below) who was in charge of the VIP area. She looked after us, making sure we had a drink in hand and had a great night every night.

We were let into the DJ booths upstairs and also downstairs in Millenium. Sven, 'the lighting guy' let us control the lights during the foam party. It was great to see the crowds going crazy for the foam and of course we got stuck in ourselves as well.

^ Majestic ^ 

Seeing the dancers up close was pretty surreal!

^ From the array of photos on my laptop, I couldn't help but include this bizarre sighting:
Two's company!

Our sleeping patterns got pretty messed up, getting up at 2pm and then napping again at 8pm only to start getting ready at 11pm...but somehow we managed it and still had enough energy to mess around once we got back to the hotel!

Others who didn't have free drinks secured for their nights out took full advantage of the bar in the hotel (sometimes even from 2pm by the pool...I don't know how they - and their livers - managed it!) and although we went down one night to see what it was like, we decided to avoid the sticky, wet floors and rowdy groups of 'LADS' and stuck to the drinks at the bcm :)

All whist enjoying the amazing view and booming music from the VIP lounge:

 Or alternatively, making our own drinks down in the DJ booth with some of the best vodka around: 

We weren't blessed with the most amazing weather in the beginning of the week but that didn't stop us from taking full advantage of being by the beach:

And any disappointments weather-wise were made up for when Gordon introduced us to some people you may recognise...
He wasn't joking when he said we would be rubbing shoulders with some 'famous faces'!!

Us with Professor Green and then G himself ^

We went for a bit of the usual Maga experience with some tacky merchandise and got wet in the foam and water parties:

But of course our experience was nothing like anyone else's (apart from the other two easyJet Holidays winners who won via twitter...although we never saw them around the VIP area) because we not only got to chat to the resident DJs' Doc C' and 'Babyface Nath' (below)...

...But we also were lucky enough to meet:

Eddie Halliwell 

Howard Donald

Katy B

Micky Slim

Laidback Luke

DJ Fresh

DJ Sammy

Nervo Twins

Judge Jules

When Gordon said to us on the first night, "This is going to be the most mental week of your life," we did not expect what happened next - which was the craziest, most fun, surreal holiday either of us have ever experienced. Safe to say Maga round 2 was ONE MILLION times better than Maga round 1 and it took some time to readjust to normal life (by catching up on a looooooot of sleep) with dreary clouds keeping us company.

This is a holiday we will never forget!!
easyJet Holidays
Marina Barracuda

-especially to Gordon Phillips, Nicola Lang and Polly Allen-

If you like clubbing and haven't been to the BCM in Magaluf....

Go check it out on facebook
and go book your Summer 2013 holiday over at


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    Look forward to hearing from you.

    Mel x

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